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Digestive Disorders


Stomach Acid, Ulcers

Acupuncture can suppress gastric acid output in both animals and humans. This effect is thought to be mediated through the vagus nerve. In patients with duodenal ulcers, acupuncture decreased basal acid output (Sodipo & Falaiye 1979). Electroacupuncture was shown to prevent stress ulceration in rats (Hsu, Chen & Shen 1987), and reduce sodium chloride-induced ulcers (Ouyang, Ding & Fan 1984). A number of studies suggest that acupuncture can heal peptic ulcers. Salvi et al (1983) reported endoscopic healing of duodenal ulcers after a 1-2 month course of acupuncture in four patients who had failed to get relief from conventional medication.

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