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Several studies have reported effective acupuncture treatment of acne (Xu 1987, Xu 1990). Similar benefits have been described for butterfly rash of lupus erythematosus (Chen & Hu 1985). In one study of 10 patients with systemic lupus treated over the course of several years, improvement was reported in a variety of symptoms, signs and laboratory findings. Abnormal appearance of capillaries in the nailfold and associated stasis of blood flow were improved after treatment (Feng et al 1985).

In a series of 34 cases of progressive systemic sclerosis, acupuncture improved ulcerations of the tips of digits, arthralgia, cutaneous sclerosis and morning stiffness (Maeda et al 1988).

Positive effects were also reported for cases of local scleroderma (Wang 1991).

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