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Acupuncture can increase salivary flow rates in patients with xerostomia (dry mouth) associated with chemotherapy or Sjögren’s syndrome. Significant increases in salivary flow rates following a single course of acupuncture treatment have lasted during a long observation period (up to 6 months), and it is suggested that additional acupuncture therapy can maintain this improvement for up to 3 years. Possible explanations for the effects include release of neuropeptides that stimulate the salivary glands and increased blood flow.

J Palliat Care 1999 Winter;15(4):20-3 Acupuncture for patients in hospital-based home care suffering from xerostomia. Rydholm M, Strang P. Hospital-Based Home Care Unit, Motala Hospital, Sweden. CONCLUSIONS: “Acupuncture had a dramatic effect on xerostomia and, subsequently, on dysphagia and articulation, with subjects showing definite improvement after 5 treatments. Release of neuropeptides that stimulate the salivary glands and increased blood flow are possible explanations for the effects.”

Oral Dis 2000 Jan;6(1):15-24 Long-term follow-up of patients treated with acupuncture for xerostomia and the influence of additional treatment. Blom M, Lundeberg T. Department of Clinical Oral Physiology, School of Dentistry, Karolinska Institute, Box 4064, S-141 04 Huddinge, Sweden. CONCLUSIONS: “This study shows that acupuncture treatment results in statistically significant improvements in SFR in patients with xerostomia up to 6 months. It suggests that additional acupuncture therapy can maintain this improvement in SFR for up to 3 years.”

Cancer 2002 Feb 15;94(4):1151-6 Acupuncture for xerostomia: clinical update.
Johnstone PA, Niemtzow RC, Riffenburgh RH. Radiation Oncology Service, Naval Medical Center, San Diego, California 92134-1014, USA. CONCLUSION: “Acupuncture palliates xerostomia for many patients. A regimen of three to four weekly treatments followed by monthly sessions is now recommended, although some patients achieve lasting response without further therapy.”

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Neuropeptides 1999 Jun;33(3):244-50 Sensory stimulation (acupuncture) increases the release of calcitonin gene-related peptide in the saliva of xerostomia sufferers. Dawidson I, Angmar-Mansson B, Blom M, Theodorsson E, Lundeberg T. Department of Cariology, Karolinska Institutet, Box 4064, Huddinge, 141 04, Sweden