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The World Health Organization list of diseases for which acupuncture is commonly used includes Ménière’s disease (WHO 1980) but there have no controlled studies in the Western literature. Descriptive case series have described successful treatment of this condition with acupuncture (Xu & Ge 1987; Steinberger & Pansini 1983).

Xu BR, Ge SH. Treatment of Meniere's disease by acupuncture: report of 75 cases. J Tradit Chin Med. 1987 Mar;7(1):69-70.

Steinberger A, Pansini M. The treatment of Meniere's disease by acupuncture. Am J Chin Med 1983;11(1-4):102-5. RESULTS: “34 patients suffering from Meniere's disease were treated by acupuncture. Prior to acupuncture most of them had been treated with various other medical means without satisfactory results. After acupuncture treatment their condition greatly improved. The classic symptoms of Meniere's disease are vertigo, tinnitus and deafness, but for all the treated patients vertigo was the most uncomfortable and distressing symptom. In all our cases vertigo stopped after a few acupuncture courses."