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Several descriptive series have reported the effectiveness of acupuncture for treatment of conjunctivitis (Deng 1985; Rogvi-Hansen et al 1991). Blepharospasm is another condition often seen in Chinese acupuncture clinics. Five cases of habitual blepharospasm were treated with acupuncture. One patient had an excellent response, two improved somewhat and two, who had a long history of the problem and had undergone surgery, failed to respond. The author concluded that it may be worth using acupuncture in the early stages of blepharospasm, but botulinum toxin was probably the treatment of choice in established cases (Story 1989). Other studies have reported benefits of acupuncture for this condition (Nepp et al 1998; Sold-Darseff & Leydhecker 1986).

Various kinds of therapy-refractory eye pain were treated with acupuncture in one study. The diagnoses included glaucoma, Tolosa-Hunt-Syndrome, ophthalmic migraine, blepharospasm, and dry eyes. In one case, acupuncture was used for analgesia during surgery. The authors wrote, “Especially in cases of severe pain and in surgery, very effective pain reduction was achieved. In general, pain was significantly reduced in all patients by the use of acupuncture. A statistically significant effect was noted (p < 0.05).” (Nepp et al 2002).

Nepp J, Wenzel T, Kuchar A, Steinkogler FJ. Blepharospasm and acupuncture--initial results of a treatment trial. Wien Med Wochenschr 1998;148(19):457-8. 5 patients. CONCLUSIONS: “In conclusion acupuncture maybe a good method for this difficult disease additionally.”

Sold-Darseff J, Leydhecker W. 1986. Acupuncture for pain in the cranial region and for blepharospasm without organic cause. Klin Monatsbl Augenheilkd 1986 Aug;189(2):167-9. RESULTS: “Of 62 patients undergoing classical acupuncture, 21 (33.9%) were subsequently free of complaints and 33 (53.2%) felt a great improvement.”

Nepp J, Jandrasits K, Schauersberger J, Schild G, Wedrich A, Sabine GL, Spacek A. Is acupuncture an useful tool for pain-treatment in ophthalmology? Acupunct Electrother Res 2002;27(3-4):171-82.