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Several studies have reported successful acupuncture treatment of eczema (Liu J 1987, Yang 1993), dermatitis solaris (Pothmann 1992), and poison ivy contact dermatitis (Liao 1988). In some cases the benefit were found to last for months.

Liu 1987 Treatment of 86 cases of local neurodermatitis by electro-acupuncture (with needles inserted around diseased areas). Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 7(1):67

Pothmann R 1992. Brief acupuncture treatment for dermatitis solaris: a multicentre pilot study. Acupuncture in Medicine 10(2):64-65.

Liao S J 1988. Acupuncture for poison ivy contact dermatitis, a clinical case report. Acupuncture and Electrotherapeutics Research 13:31-39